act2 is our game-changing scenery system, allowing for the rapid changing of backdrops with minimal effort or technical staff required. Our unique silicon beading, sewn into the design and mounted in a bespoke frame, ensures that scenery can be installed and changed quickly, quietly and singlehandedly.

act2 allows you to:-

  • Reveal the next scene – Transform from Act 1 to Act 2 instantly, with the minimum number of technical staff.
  • Minimal scene change noise compared to other fixing methods.
  • Achieve the look of hard scenery with softs.
  • Neat – No ugly ties or visible bungees.
  • Easily and safely transport your scenery by rolling or folding.
  • Create virtually any size or shape.
The incredible versatility of the act 2 system means that it’s applications are virtually limitless, from use within the Arts to an effective and stunning visual display for a foyer.

act 2 fastening system
changing scenery quickly, quietly … single handedly

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